Canadian Cyber Security

October 25, 2012

Security updates are increasing with regards to Canadian Government Networks (Recent Articles: National Security Exemption, Secret Memo – Security threats increasing), and recently Canada’s auditor general has identified gaps on this country’s cyber-security system.

The latest news is that U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned of the possibility of a “cyber Pearl Harbor” on the horizon.

In a recent article from the Ottawa Citizen: The federal government has been paying attention to the threat of cyber-security. It acknowledged as far back as 1996 that “systems vital to operating Canada’s critical infrastructure could be subject to cyber attacks and that the government had a role to play in protecting these systems from such attacks,” according to the auditor general’s report. Still, the government has not approached the problem in a properly co-ordinated fashion, according to part of the report by Auditor General Michael Ferguson tabled Tuesday.

- The threat of a cyber attack

Recent findings from the Auditor general’s department found that nearly $1 billion had gone to federal departments in which cyber-security was an objective, however they were not clear on if the money was used to protect infrastructure from security threats.
The federal government is all too familiar with how easily security can be compromised by a cyber attack. In 2011, hackers launched an attack on the Department of Finance and the Treasury Board, which left the Internet shut down in departments for months.

For more information you can find the full article here.

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