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October 15, 2012

Shares Services Canada Organizational Overview

Shared Services Canada (SSC) is a federal department created on August 4, 2011, to fundamentally transform how the Government of Canada manages its information technology (IT) infrastructure. SSC reports to Parliament through the Minister of Public Works and Government Services and will deliver mandated email, data centre and network services to its partner organizations in a consolidated and standardized manner to support the delivery of Government of Canada programs and services. SSC will also provide certain optional technology related services to government organizations on a cost-recovery basis.

With a whole-of-government approach to IT, SSC will create economies of scale to deliver more efficient,reliable and secure IT infrastructure services to Government of Canada

SSC Responsibilities

PlaceduPortageSSC was created to fundamentally change how the federal government manages its IT infrastructure in order to better support the delivery of programs and services to Canadians. SSC has launched a new and innovative approach to deliver a technology platform for a 21st century public service – one that is modern, reliable, secure and cost-effective.

Traditionally, the government’s infrastructure has been managed in silos, with each department establishing the services that it required to conduct its business. Over the years, that infrastructure became increasingly fragmented, as well as costly to manage and maintain. Duplication, unnecessary diversity and inefficiency resulted. Today, the government has over 100 different, largely incompatible email systems. Across the country it operates over 300 data centres and their use is not rationalized; some function well below capacity while others are struggling to meet the demand. Additionally, the government supports over 3,000 overlapping and uncoordinated electronic networks. Clearly, the status quo is not sustainable.

SSC’s ambitious plans for the provision of enterprise-wide IT services represent an eight year journey that will yield better value for money and a more robust service backbone for modern government operations. These plans are founded on proven models from other public-sector jurisdictions and industry.

Governments and private-sector companies alike have demonstrated that streamlining and consolidating in the areas of email, data centres and telecommunications lead to substantial service improvement and efficiencies. For example, the government of British Columbia began its consolidation in 2002 and reduced the number of its data centres from over a hundred to two data centres by 2011. As a result, its data centre energy costs alone are expected to be 50% lower. The government of Ontario reports that at maturity, its IT consolidation is saving $100 million annually, which represents 10% of total IT spending and between 20% and 25% of IT infrastructure spending.

By learning from the lessons of other shared services organizations and leveraging their best practices, SSC is establishing a model and setting a pace that will deliver increased efficiency, better quality and service excellence to the Government of Canada. With a focus on service and quality, SSC will be purposeful in its investments, relentlessly pursuing common standards and efficiencies. Furthermore, the consolidation of IT services and assets will strengthen the government’s efforts to reliably and securely protect the information of Canadians. Building security into new infrastructure from the outset and collaborating with partners will help the government to better understand cyber threats and
mitigate attacks.

The creation of SSC also presents an unprecedented opportunity to bring the government’s best and brightest IT talent together to form one Government of Canada “IT bench”. The combined and complementary abilities will lead to more coordination and collaboration, and will result in more integrated approaches and solutions.

SSC represents an intersection of need and opportunity. SSC is supporting effective government operations by delivering horizontal, enterprise wide improvements to IT infrastructure that supports modern Government of Canada programs and services, and makes them more integrated, efficient and accessible for Canadians.

For More information please see – Shared Services – Report on Plans & Priorities 

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