How to Order iPads

How to order an Apple iPad:

Follow these steps to purchase iPads and associated accessories using NMSO # E60EJ-11000C/015/EJ:

    1. Review the product list
    2. Complete the DSS942- “Call-up Against a Standing Offer”.
      • The “Ship To” section must contain the Department name and address, and the purchaser name, phone number and fax number.
      • The “Supplier” is: ACT inc / Advanced Chippewa Technologies Inc., 84 Valley Ridge, Ottawa, ON K2E 7W3. Phone/Fax (613) 237-6820.
      • Please indicate the preferred method of invoicing.
      • In the “Financial Codes” section include any applicable internal departmental codes.
      • List all items to be purchased, including quantity and price.
    3. Environmental Recycling Fees must be included on each order. Fees for iPads (portable computers) are per unit and vary by province and are applied as follows:
Alberta $1.20
British Columbia $1.20
Nova Scotia $2.10

(keyboards & mice, additional $0.30)

Saskatchewan $0.70
  1. Secure appropriate signatures on the printed DSS942.
  2. Send the completed DSS942 to ACT inc

Fax to (613) 237-6820 or send scanned document to Contact us with any questions you may have; we’re here to help.