ACT inc holds the NESS for NIKSUN.

NIKSUN Overview

NiksunNIKSUN delivers the most powerful, scalable, and cost-effective cybersecurity and network performance solution in the world. NIKSUN continues to revolutionize the network monitoring industry with its flagship products, NetDetector®, NetVCR®, NetMobility, and NetOmni™ with more than 1,000 customers in over 30 countries.

The NIKSUN Story: Know the Unknown

Today’s increasing network complexity, growing obfuscation techniques, and exploding multimedia traffic volumes are bringing a host of next-generation problems from zero-day exploits, targeted malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). In particular, the nature and frequency of cyber attacks are fundamentally changing the cyber security landscape.

In today’s changing IT environment, the single biggest challenge in solving these problems is gaining actionable insight on the dizzying array of unknowns associated with each security attack or performance issue. NIKSUN visionary leadership and focus on innovation has guided NIKSUN from start-up to revolutionizing the network monitoring industry. NIKSUN has developed a revolutionary approach of analyzing network traffic to essentially record everything and know anything traversing the network.

Today, NIKSUN is the only network monitoring solution that can simultaneously capture, inspect, mine, correlate, and store everything traversing the network at multi-gigabit rates, gaining the deepest insight of security threats, performance issues, and compliance risks. Using a single console, NIKSUN provides analysis and visibility across networks, providing incredible power with a simple click and real-time contextual visibility.