ACT inc – Google SLSA


ACT inc holds the Software Licensing Supply Arrangment (SLSA) for Google.

Google Enterprise Search Overview

Bring the magic of Google’s unique search quality, language handling and relevance to your users, delivering the simple yet powerful search experience that they have come to expect, with multiple new capabilities.

Google logo transparentUniversal Search
Extend your search results beyond files and databases, to include content from social media streams and cloud computing applications, delivered through browsers, smartphones and tablets. And, it works on any mobile device, because business life is on the go.

People Search
The expert search features of the GSA help employees to tap into your organization’s knowledge by suggesting people with expertise related to their queries. Expert search is fully integrated with SharePoint 2010 and can utilize the wealth of information stored in employees’ profiles.

Google Magic
Give your users what they’ve come to expect, and drive better business performance, with new capabilities based on Google’s core leadership in relevance. Document preview allows you to view and page through a document directly from the search results. Secure translation taps into the power of Google to automatically translate search results into over 60 languages. And, updated language libraries now offer to your searches, ensuring user success.

Power of Suggestion
Make your dynamic navigation more powerful. With Entity Recognition, content is automatically classified and tagged without the need for human intervention. Related information can be automatically surfaced, enabling your users to find relevant and useful information that they may have not been searching for. With fine-grained user-level security fully-integrated, you can now offer an up-to-date navigation experience no matter how complex your security needs are.