Shared Services Procurement Updates

August 13, 2012

PlaceduPortage With SSC gearing up (and holding back) its IT procurement capability, there are a lot of questions around what will Shared Services Canada be spending on and more importantly when.

We certainly know that come August 21st there will be some announcements in the way of loosening the strings on procurement.

Some of the latest announcements of National Security Exemptions have been making the news:

  • A recent article in talks to this very point on National Security Exemptions – NSE.

New Shared Service push; what it means for Ottawa IT resellers

The article talks about the conservative governments push to mandate data centres and IT spend around the data centre, be classified as secret, and therefor have the ability to utilize NSEs to procure the hardware/software for said data centres.

On another procurement note; As the majority of the procurement agents from PWGSC - Acquisitions branch move over to the new SSC, it is only a matter of time until we see contracts for ALL IT related procurment follow, i.e. SLSA and NESS.

Stay tuned for further information and updates.

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